• Michael Humphreys

Student Support Portal Interview Series: Reeza Awodeen - TechEd Marketing

In this video, we sit down with Reeza Awodeen who is the founder and director of TechEd Marketing. With TechEd Marketing, originally set up 8 years ago as a marketing consultancy business, they have many strings to their bow with the main focusing on the publishing side of the business which recently acquired Inspiration. Mind mapping is a technique of visual learning and Inspiration has been around for over thirty years with being one of the first educational technology products on the market. Reeza explains the benefits and how educational technology within his business and the industry looks to grow in the future. We hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you an insight into the latest developments in assistive technology. If you want to learn more about Inspiration 9, visit their website: https://www.inspiration-at.com/ Make sure to subscribe for more videos from us and hit the like button. We would also love to hear your thoughts in our comment section. To learn more about what we do and sign up to our portal, head over to our website for more information. https://www.dsaportal.co.uk/


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