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Returning to school - What do parents think?

A number of weeks ago the NI Executive announced that it would begin a phased 'return to school' for certain year groups on the 17th August. Some of our client schools contacted us interested in finding out how Parents feel about their child/children returning to school during the COVID-19 crisis. After several iterations, and with input from several school leaders, we distilled a set of questions aimed at highlighting areas of the planned reintroduction which parents were unsure about or uncomfortable with.

Since then, the survey has been answered by nearly 2000 parents.

The survey ensures school leaders are in the the best position to make well-informed decisions to reopen safely and to maintain confidence among parents.

For more information on how to get the survey for your school, email support@whole.school and quote 'Return to School Survey 2020'. All NI Schools have access to our consultancy team to help them set up the survey. Quite often schools will customise the questions to better reflect their students & parents. The Wholeschool Team

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