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Teachers - your time is precious? Right? Of course!

Having visited hundreds of schools and spoken with thousands of teachers we've witnessed first hand just precious a teacher's time is.

You are educational specialists - which is why your time is better spent on teaching and learning rather than updating the school website.

Therefore it is understandable why some school websites get out of shape and out of date.

School websites are often left in the hands of teachers who can only afford them minimal time (there are exceptions to this of course) but most "normal " teachers have neither the time or the know-how to maintain a fresh, up-to-date website.

The comments below are perfectly understandable but common to the majority of schools we've spoken to over the years.

"What's the password?"

"Our IT co-coordinator is off on maternity / paternity leave"

"That teacher is off sick "

"Our webmaster has moved to a new school "

"How do I turn this into a PDF?"

"Do you know how to resize images"

"These fonts don't look consistent but I don't know how to change them"

"How do I upload images to this gallery?"

"I've deleted this page by accident! "

Many of the schools who use the managed service have found that given the time spent updating the website is no longer a concern, they can spend more time refining the actual content. Better content is crucial to increasing engagement and so the general trend is such that, the better managed a site is, the more engagement from school stakeholders.

The testimonial below from Louise Donnelly ( Head of ICT at Omagh Academy) shows how the above problems are removed by using a Managed Service.

With the recent pivot to remote learning due to Covid-19 - regular information updates on the school website have never been more vital. And with most teachers working from home or on reduced working hours, the website can quickly fall down the list of priorities.

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